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At Catherine’s Health Center, we’re always looking for ways to support our patients. We partner with volunteers and other community organizations to provide outreach events and educational programs for our patients.

To see what’s going on this month, Check out our monthly Healthy Living publication, and see below to learn about programs and events we offer throughout the year.

Outreach Events and Educational Programs

Chronic Disease Education and Support Group
When: On a rotating basis
Located at: Catherine’s Health Center

This class is intended for participants who are interested in diabetes prevention or are living with diabetes. Participants learn strategies to help them deal with pain, fatigue, and difficult emotions, along with managing symptoms, managing medications, working with health care providers, relaxation, healthy eating and physical activity.


Indoor Walking Program
When: September-April
Located at: Kent Hills Elementary School

Our Indoor Walking Program is a safe space for area residents to walk throughout the school year. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, with volunteers to take participants’ blood pressure and pulse throughout the evening. 3 laps around the school is a mile, so be sure to keep track!


Women’s Health Class
When: On a rotating basis
Located at: Catherine’s Health Center

This class covers a wide range of topics in order to best inform our female patients how to take great care of themselves. Topics include stress management, high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases, breast cancer awareness, exercise and nutrition, weight management and health insurance.


WISEWOMAN Entrepreneurial Gardening Program
When: April-September
Located at: Catherine’s Health Center & Creston Community Gardens

The Entrepreneurial Gardening Program teaches our patients how to grow their own vegetables and potentially sell their excess. Through planning and hands-on classes, our participants learn everything there is to know about growing and maintaining their own garden plot.


YMCA Cooking Matters Series
When: On a rotating basis
Located at: St. Alphonsus’ kitchen

This hands-on cooking class, led by a dietitian from the YMCA, teaches participants how to cook healthy meals and to shop well on a budget. During each class, participants cook a meal together, learn about nutrition, and set nutrition and fitness-related goals. Participants take home a bag of FREE groceries every week to practice cooking healthy meals at home.

For more information on these programs: please contact Jess Eglinton at (616) 336-8800 x207.


AZHCF-logo-300x102Thanks to funding from the AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation Connections for Cardiovascular Health Program, Catherine’s Health Center is able to provide comprehensive healthy living intervention to all patients regardless of gender or age.  Under the program launched through Heart Smart Connections, patients can team up with a Health Coach to assess their risk for chronic disease, set healthy lifestyle goals, and receive follow-up support.  Through Heart Smart Connections, Catherine’s also offers several group educational opportunities including a Community Gardening Program, Beginners Yoga, Community Walking Program, Healthy Cooking Class, Diabetes Prevention Program, Diabetes Support Group, and Heart Healthy Class.

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