Primary Care

To view information on appointments, labs, and more, visit our Patient Portal at Athena Health.

What is Primary Care?

Primary Care can be thought of as basic health care for people of all ages. At Catherine’s Health Center our team of primary care providers includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, nurses, and medical assistants. Our primary care team is supported by schedulers, office staff, health coaches and others who help patients understand their care and make healthy lifestyle choices.

As a Primary Care office we specialize in preventive medicine. We believe that preventing illness and reducing health risks is always better than treating symptoms. We also diagnose and treat common conditions and, when necessary, we refer patients to and help them access specialists .

Catherine’s Health Center is committed to providing the best possible medical care.  We see ourselves as “your neighborhood clinic working together for a healthier you.”

Our services include:

  • continuing patient care
  • preventative screenings
  • women’s health exams
  • behavioral health services
  • eye exams and eye care
  • physical therapy

Please visit our page on qualifying for care if you are interested in becoming a patient, or call us at (616) 336-8800.

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