Patient Privacy

Your medical information is personal and private. We are committed to protecting it.

How we may share your personal health information:

  1. To share with you: Upon your request, you may always access your own health records in their fullness.
  2. For care or treatment purposes: We may consult with other medical professionals on our team and share your health information. This disclosure is only for the purpose of your care plan. Your authorization is always required to share any health information with another medical professional not on staff with us.
  3. For payment: Your insurance or payer may require us to share some of your health information in order to cover your services. If you are uninsured, you may restrict the disclosure of your health information for payment.
  4. For business operations: We may share health information for quality assessment purposes, licensing, and other business needs. Any outside parties, such as a licensing body, have written contracts to protect the privacy of your health information.

    Click below to view and download the full PDF document describing our privacy practices and your personal health information rights.


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