Live Heart Smart provides patients with the following interventions:

  • Group health education classes and programs
  • One-on-one health coaching
  • Health insurance navigation and enrollment assistance
  • Care management
  • Integrated Behavioral Health services

Intervention Spotlight: Health Coaching

A key, innovative intervention of Live Heart Smart is the utilization of volunteer health coaches. These trained individuals engage patients as active participants in their care by working one-on-one with them. They work to elicit motivation based on the stages of change model, provide education, facilitate the SMART goal-setting process, connect patients with community resources, and provide on-going support to help patients achieve their health goals. Through personalized risk assessments for CVD, patients learn which risk factors are within their control, and how to prevent/manage illness and improve health.

To help other community health centers build their own health coaching program, we’ve developed our digital Live Heart Smart Health Coaching Toolkit. If you’re looking for guidance with building and implementing a similar program, please contact us at

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