Our Mission and Values


Catherine’s Health Center provides access to high quality, affordable, and compassionate health care.


Social Justice

  • Recognizing basic health care as a right of each person regardless of their ability to pay
  • Improving health equity by removing barriers that lead to health disparities
  • Promoting the common good by advancing a healthy community in collaboration with partners and other health care providers
  • Building relationships based on integrity and honesty


  • Providing preventive health care as a primary service to reduce illness and medical crisis 
  • Providing community outreach through Catherine’s Health Center visibility, patient advocacy, health education, and clinical services   
  • Offering services and education that contribute to helping our patients stay healthy, improve their health, and manage chronic conditions
  • Acting in a professional manner with a commitment to excellence 


  • Encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their health 
  • Enabling patients to make informed decisions about their treatment which respect their personal values 
  • Approaching health care holistically involving body, mind and spirit 
  • Treat patients, employees and all others in a welcoming manner with respect and compassion 


  • Maintaining and enhancing the professional skills of our staff and volunteers 
  • Managing the organization for effective and efficient use of human and financial resources 
  • Commit to developing business plans that support long-term sustainability 
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