Wish List – Spring 2017

There are many ways to help us open the door to quality health care! We invite you to consider one or more of the items below.

  • “Forever” Postage stamps – letter and postcard types. We can always use these!
  • AA batteries (any brand) to power smaller medical equipment
  • Personal sized non-allergenic hand lotion
  • Laptop “Screen Scrambler” privacy filters
  • Monitor stands
  • Set of white dishes for informational meetings we host
  • Gardening gloves for patients learning to grow their own veggies
  • Garden tools for patients planting and tending their community garden plots

For more detailed information on any of the above items or other gift ideas please contact Amy Vander Linden at (616) 336-8800 x 206 or email avanderlinden@catherineshc.org.

Thank you!