Wish List – Winter 2016-17

There are many ways to help us open the door to quality health care! We invite you to consider one or more of the items below.

  • “Forever” Postage stamps – letter and postcard types. We can always use these!
  • AA batteries to power smaller equipment
  • Personal sized non-allergenic hand lotion (NOTE: a patient recently said, “I can’t afford those things and it’s so nice that someone provides them.” Especially true in winter!)
  • Set of durable, dishwasher safe white dishes to replace our aging set. Used for hosting education and support groups, lunches, meetings and other events.
  • We are currently inviting gifts to purchase a new Vital Signs Monitor. Achieved! Thank you!

For more detailed information on any of the above items or other gift ideas please contact Ron Rozema at (616) 336-8800 x 206 or email rrozema@catherineshc.org.

Thank you!